Persian Cat History

It is widely believed though not completely proven that the Persian type cat was brought to Europe from the Far East. Most experts would agree that these gorgeous long hair cats came from Persia, which accounts for their name.

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Persian Health

Contrary to popular belief a Persian type cat is not less healthy than their short hair counterparts. This long hair cat is a sturdy and strong breed that holds up well in all weather. If you keep your Persian indoors then it is no more likely to get sick than any other cat out there. And this is true of virtually every other breed. It is all about protecting your Persian type cat from the transmission of disease and parasites that other cats can carry.

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Persian Grooming

Grooming is the one way that Persian type cats differ from their short hair cat cousins. Their long fur needs regular maintenance to keep it from getting matted and to keep your car from developing hairballs.

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Persians For Sale

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Persian Cat Toys

Every cat in the world deserves some fun toys that he or she can play with when the need strikes. Your Persian type cat is going to want to play just as much as a short hair cat. In fact these long hair cats love their toys as much as the next cat on the block.

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